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Wanting for a way to jazz up your wall art? Try producing your very own Do-it-yourself acrylic frames for personalised 3D artwork. This article will wander you by means of specifically how I created these in my home.

If you are seeking for a personalized way to frame your pictures or artwork to make it stand out from the wall, these Do-it-yourself acrylic frames are the ideal matter.

I landed on these frames mainly because I needed a very little one thing to insert a small more pizzazz to my rest room wall.&nbsp

We made the decision to integrate my partner&rsquos appreciate of golf into the blend by printing pictures he took of PGA golfing programs he&rsquos performed in black and white.

I really like when artwork is a dialogue piece, so this was the ideal addition to the rest room wall.

To make it definitely stand out, I produced these Diy acrylic frames for every single of the photos.

In this article are the measures I took&hellip&nbsp


  • one. Acquire your elements.

  • two. Tape each and every side of every corner.

  • 3. Mark in which you want to drill your holes.

  • 4. Drill your holes.

  • five. Use your glue dots to safe your photos to the frame.

  • six. Mark the total on the wall in which you program to hang it.

  • 7. Use your punch instrument to mark the complete on the wall.

  • eight. Drill your holes in the wall.

  • 9. Screw the standoffs into the wall.

  • 10. Attach your body to the standoffs.

  • eleven. Revel in the concluded merchandise!

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1. Collect YOUR Products.

1st issues to start with, get all your materials. All sources for every thing I applied are joined under. I also integrated a record with inbound links of what we employed to hang the frames, much too.&nbsp


  • Plexiglass/Acrylic Sheets

  • Standoffs

  • Glue Dots

  • Piece of Lined Paper

  • Drill&nbsp

  • Drill Bits&nbsp(one for the measurement of the opening of your standoffs and one for the screw for the wall)

  • Painter&rsquos Tape

  • Ruler

  • Marking Resource (I applied a Sharpie)


  • Pencil

  • Handheld Stage

  • Punch

  • Screwdriver

two. TAPE Each and every Side OF Each CORNER.

Plexiglass/acrylic is incredibly delicate.

Due to the fact of this, you have to be really thorough when you are drilling the holes.

Putting a piece of painter&rsquos tape on both side where you plan to drill your gap will aid retain the acrylic sheet from breaking or cracking when you drill.

I also retained the protective go over on each individual aspect of the piece, far too.


After you have positioned the painter&rsquos tape on all 4 sides (or even so quite a few destinations you program to drill a hole), you can area a mark of where by you want to drill your gap.

I drilled my holes 1&Prime in from each individual edge as you can see from the photo higher than.


Just before in fact drilling, double and triple test that your marks are amount both of those horizontally and vertically.

You&rsquoll want to have these degree for when you hang them.&nbsp

The drill little bit you decide on ought to be major enough to let the standoff to in good shape within just the gap.

I would do a take a look at run on a piece of scrap materials to make certain it is huge sufficient.&nbsp

When you are sure that the marking are stage and the little bit is significant more than enough, you want to begin drilling.

Listed here is a good online video to abide by if you would like a demonstration on&nbsphow to drill via acrylic.

You want to use about 50 % power when you are drilling.

Gradual and constant. If you go to rapid, the acrylic will crack, so choose your time.

As you drill you need to see spirals of the acrylic gradually staying eradicated.&nbsp

Repeat the drilling for each individual hole you need.

5. USE YOUR GLUE DOTS TO Safe YOUR Photographs TO THE Frame.

When your holes are designed, you can include your photo to the piece of acrylic/frame.

The vital listed here is to again, make confident your photo is degree prior to you completely safe it to the frame.

The glue dots are incredibly sticky and don&rsquot permit for a ton of wiggle room, so it could be a superior thought to line up a piece of lined paper guiding the body to assist you line the edges of your image.

What ever trick works for you to make certain the photograph gets glued to the frame amount will do.&nbsp

6. MARK THE Total ON THE WALL Exactly where YOU Plan TO Dangle IT.

As you start off to dangle, mark your holes on the wall, but make confident your frame is level.

If you calculated effectively in the move just before drilling, the holes on your frame ought to presently be stage.

If you are hanging far more than 1 body like I did, make positive just about every body is level in your grid, much too.&nbsp

7. navigate here PUNCH Instrument TO MARK THE Full ON THE WALL.

I enjoy this instrument so considerably due to the fact it gets your hole started out and enables your drill to remain in place when you start out drilling.

If you don&rsquot have one, I really recommend it!


Be confident to use a little bit that matches the screws that came together with your standoffs.

This will most possible be a lesser little bit than the 1 you utilised on the frames.

I also employed a stud finder to see if I desired drywall anchors, but due to the fact these frames are not that heavy, you could in all probability do without having them.


Once you acquire your standoffs, you&rsquoll see how they work.

In buy for the picture to &ldquostand off&rdquo the wall, you have to protected the standoff with the supplied screw in advance of attaching the image to the standoffs.

As you can see from the photograph, producing positive every little thing is degree and calculated accurately is super vital.&nbsp


The moment you&rsquove connected the standoffs, it&rsquos time to attach the shots!

Line up the standoffs with your drilled holes and secure the standoffs.

If all goes perfectly, anything will line up appropriately and be completely ready to go!

If you are like my dad and I, you&rsquoll arrive throughout at minimum 1 that doesn&rsquot line up flawlessly.

For this, we cheated a minimal little bit and secured the standoff to the frame and utilized a glue dot to protected it to the wall, so it didn&rsquot go.

We only experienced to do this for two corners of two frames, but don&rsquot stress if you mess up just one&hellip We&rsquove been there!&nbsp

11. REVEL IN THE Finished Merchandise!

Now it&rsquos time to take pleasure in your get the job done!

We did a grid of 9 full pics which was a significant enterprise with all the measuring, but I&rsquom in enjoy with how it turned out.

Permit me know in the opinions what you believe of the completed product or service!

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