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You can use these strategies to get more people to click on your links and sign up for your mailing list. After signing up for eToro, new members have the option of replicating transactions done by other members of the platform using the broker’s advanced automated trading software. Traders can access their personal risk profile and transaction history from their account page.

best forex affiliate programs

Once you are approved as an affiliate, they will give access to a variety of marketing materials, such as banners, text links, and email templates. You can then use these marketing materials to promote your forex referral program on your website or blog. Revenue Share or Spread Share model is transaction-based commision model. Unlike CPA, there is continuous profit as the traders in your network keep trading.

This number can fluctuate depending on how much your leads deposit into their accounts. Third, another benefit of the forex broker affiliate program is that it increase your business exposure. When you become an affiliate, you are essentially putting your business in front of a new audience. This can boost brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. It is highly essential to conduct your research before choosing a forex trading affiliate program. It is also essential to ensure that the program is reputable and has a good track record.

We only list licensed brokers that comply with the requirements of prominent regulatory agencies. Promote on social media and attract traffic to your website or blog. So basically, you have to have a website, social media account, instant messaging group or direct relationships with the investors. The data shared by some is quite transparent, but this is not the case for all brokers.


Also, from an affiliate perspective, you can earn multiple commissions from each client. Second-tier referrals also provide a 10% commission, giving you plenty of options to generate more affiliate income. Admiral Markets has a complete index of promotional materials to consider and take advantage of, including banners.

They are a fantastic resource for adding eye-catching advertisements to your website and blog posts. Outside of the marketing materials, affiliates can also earn competitive commissions compared to other platforms. FxPro is one of the best-established platforms specializing in various markets, including CFDs and Forex. With a demo account, you get the added benefit of $100 to put towards a real account for trading. Additionally, they feature a unique Partner Program, allowing affiliates to earn up to 62.5% of the spread revenue acquired from their leads.

best forex affiliate programs

Select from a variety of stocks and indexes to trade in, get rapid service, and let your clients benefit from immediate cash withdrawals. To help both new and seasoned traders enhance their abilities and skills in connection with their e-commerce firm, they provide training and workshops. Vantage’s backlink, one of the best lead generation, offers a CPA of $600 to $800 every new client. Start by submitting it to Google and other search engines and make sure you’re actively promoting it through social media, email lists and other online channels. The more visitors come to your site, the more chances you have of making a sale.

The Pepperstone affiliate program offers affiliates up to $1,300 CPA based on a multi-tier commission structure. Some of the other benefits of the program include advanced real-time tracking, flexible payout, and global sales specialists to support your digital presence. The affiliate program offers various ways to get paid including a revenue share and a fixed commission for each qualified trader you refer. There is also the option of up to 50% gross revenue share for every time a referral makes a trade. When recommending forex affiliate programs or any other type of investing affiliate program, it’s crucial to only work with programs you fully trust. In short, choose a forex affiliate program that will help increase your commissions, and make your referrals feel happy and supported because the tools make trading easy, convenient, and risk-free.

One other benefit is that they offer weekly payments which can help keep your cash flow consistent. The forexAffiliate program offers a variable rating depending on which country your referrals are from. Overall, the commission level is okay and beats out some other programs. However, the reputation of the company can help with driving more referrals.

High customer value– forex customers continue to deposit funds to trade and invest rather than just performing one-off transactions. Open 24 hours a day, five-and-a-half days a week, the foreign exchange market never sleeps – it’s active all day and all night, all around the world . It also happens to be the world’s biggest and most liquid financial market, with a gigantic daily turnover of $5.3 trillion. …and our free affiliate marketing crash course can help set you on the path to success. As a sponsor, you simply get an affiliate link posted on your site or your blog.

If so, then Forex affiliate programs are the perfect opportunity for you! Forex trading affiliate programs offer a great way to make some extra cash online. So, when you successfully forex software developer refer a customer to a forex broker or program, you will get some commission. However, if you aim for a passive income, you have to promote the best forex affiliate program.

How 7 Niche Site Owners Are Using Link Whisper To Grow Their Sites

Driving traffic (that’s internet speak for getting customers) is single-handedly the hardest part of the entire marketing process. You don’t have to create products, worry about fulfillment, customer service, or bad reviews. Just because a program offers a super high CPA, it doesn’t matter if the vast majority of referrals don’t spend enough to hit the top-tier payouts. Along with Forex, the Libertex platform allows for investors to trade ETFs, crypto, metals, stocks, indices, and more.

Who knows, you may want to do business in the EU, Japan, Australia, Africa, or the Middle East. If you’re looking for more content and marketing insights, be sure to take a look at our blog, or for a more personalized approach,book a free callwith a member of our team. Because of this, businesses like Admiral Markets are glad to generously thank their partners for providing them lead generation.

Prestige– the forex market is well known, respected and trusted, which means it’s appealing in its mainstream nature and isn’t a tough sell. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. CFDs have become ever more popular in the last couple of years, and especially now as the markets react to the continuing pandemic.

Every affiliate that joins XM as a partner is assigned a personal account manager. You’ll have a far better chance of making money with the software if you do this. These managers are not only well-versed in the Forex market, but they are also adept at affiliate marketing.

best forex affiliate programs

You can use the platform to access a wide variety of marketing tools. Affiliate commissions can go as high as $1,100 per referral, depending on how much the suggested user deposits into their FxPro account. Customers who participate in the program receive access to top financial products and services designed by specialists in the Forex business, along with 24-hour customer assistance.


Iyanu Taiwo has been involved in the internet marketing industry since 2012. Become a partner of LiteForex and profit from one of their numerous affiliate programs. VT MarketsAffiliates is based in Sydney, Australia, is a subsidiary of Vantage International Group Limited . Forex affiliate programs will continue to thrive as the Forex market share expands into 2026 and beyond. The premium trading tools and services they offer to their clients has resulted in rapid growth in this sector driven by demand for their products. A Forex affiliate program aligns you with the Forex broker when you sign up.

  • DIY traders will prefer a different type of forex broker compared to novice investors who’d rather the trading was done for them.
  • Additional benefits include access to weekly webinars on the Forex market and assistance from Monday through Saturday.
  • Vantage’s backlink, one of the best lead generation, offers a CPA of $600 to $800 every new client.
  • Customers who participate in the program receive access to top financial products and services designed by specialists in the Forex business, along with 24-hour customer assistance.

In fact some CPA brokers pay up to $1,250 per valid sale to their forex affiliates. One of the most popular Forex brokers, FxPro also offers CFDs and a wide range of other financial products. You will be required to deposit $100 in order to register a valid account with the company. To start a “Standard” account, a deposit of US$200 is required, although there are no commission fees at that level. There are Islamic trading accounts accessible as well, so you may reach a broader market.

What To Look For In The Best Forex Affiliate Programs

Customers have exposure to CFD betting choices in more than 1,000 products, like FX pairings, cryptocurrency, commodities, ETFs, shares, and indexes, through this well-known payment system. If you’re what is a good leverage ratio for forex not sure about something, ask your affiliate manager for more information or contact the broker directly. There’s no shame in being cautious – after all, you’re working with people’s money here!

In Algo-affiliate marketing, there are different parties involved that play their role in the completion of the sale process. The first person which is involved in Algo-affiliate marketing is the brand or the person who is interested in selling their products and services. Real-time transparency helps you track your performance, stay on top of your commissions, and identify opportunities for improvement. Founded in 2008, Exness is an established Forex broker with over 300,000 global users. Its affiliate program is one of the most extensive currently available in the industry, with a range of tools and systems in place to support its affiliates. When trying out Forex affiliate marketing, it’s quite likely that you will end up promoting a few scams.

It’s worth noting that AvaTrade has a history of rewarding affiliates generously for referring new consumers. You can set your own profit margins thanks to the large range of payment choices. Forex affiliate can be paid a percentage the only investment guide you’ll ever need review of the forex broker revenue. And that brings us to the conclusion of our roundup of Forex affiliate programs. They also offer Islamic trading accounts and almost-instant online withdrawals to your payment destination of choice.

Get the low-down– find out their history, and how long they’ve been operating. Ask around to see if anyone has had dealings with them, and what they think about them. Decide how big and well-known the broker is – the bigger and more established the broker, the better the conversion rates and better experience you’ll have as an affiliate. With CPL, you’ll get paid when the person you refer enters your details on the broker’s landing page when signing up for their account or for a free demo.

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